Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

i'm dying without them

hi lovely readers!i love my bracelets and my watches....i felt not comfortable when i forgot use it. another identifying me if i was lost (:p) put many bracelet in my hand are cool, my friends always said that i'm nuts but honestly don't ever you try change my style. this watch that i have : Guy Laroche (silver), Swiss Army(silver), FOSSIL (black), Guess (brown), and AIGNER (little maroon)-->sorry if u can't see clearly becouse of the cam resolution but someday i will put on my hand and capture it.

that's my scarfs collection.more vintage huh!obviously..mostly from my mom.i put my scarfs if i wear plain clothes, i gv a lil bit touchy with colorfull scarf. i can put in on my head, neck or my circle hand.i am ready for hippie :)

hi readers!this is my ethnic ring and i can say that "i can't live without them",this is one of my identity. i'm addicted with stone ring. yeap my favorite one is the gray one cos that's my favorite color also!hippie is always going happy like me..that's just a few of my stone ring that i had, readers if u have one unique ring jst throw me the info..i wanna kick it by my money :)

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Hi, got your message from IFB and now am following you, follow back XOXO

HiPPiesEthnic mengatakan...

hey..thanx for participate it at my blog...i follow u back..

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