Kamis, 25 November 2010

new template

ahoy this is my new template blog!!!......................start to blogging again :)
btw wish me luck for the final exam to get my master ^_^ this december

Rabu, 24 November 2010

Jacqueline Fuentes - Sinuoso Trópico


Apache Bar

wanna join for a cheers

i was in Bali for vacation. i never step my legs in Bali. i was there for a week. i went with my mom n little brother. i couldn't imagine what our plan for having fun in Bali. but my mom's friend as a guide for us drove to a few beautifull place outside the city. we went to Karang Asem (i heard they have a greatest arrack from Bali) -->saw my spoil face with a drool. after Karang Asem, we went to Amed. yes beatifull Amed..since we stay in Bali we slept at cheap bungalows. then spent our final vacation at KUTA, LEGIAN...yayyy!!im so excited, i left my mom n my lil brother at dewisri hotel (http://dewisrihotel.com/). i met my old friend whose live in Bali, and i stay for one night in her boarding house. her name is Siti, she's work in Bali since 1 year ago.

Rockin'Rolla at Sky Garden, Bali
on saturday night, she's inviting me to go to her friend's boutique in Legian also, her friend's name is Eka. then Eka bring her australian friend named greamy.he's nice funny fat man but i'd like to talk with him.for spending saturday night finally we stay at apache bar.watching live music especially rock music with bottle of beer.yeah we rock for that night. when the music was finish we move to sky garden. sky garden is like new disco place in Legian Street. music makes me crazy to dance.craziness :).i call another friend to met up..Tanausu my spanish friend, livin in bali as a scuba teacher...we were there till get laid..omg 5 am..f^^^k'n nuts we are!! then realize that i drank 10 bottles of beer.HALELUJAH..!!!

beatifull AMED, Bali
ciao bella!

separate classics

Senin, 22 November 2010

that's took when 40's day my great grandmother died. my outfit more ethnic. i really like this style.i had this stuff for a long time ago.this is the real Indonesian woman.then editing with a few touch of old theme.
ied mubarak day on 2010 coming up. appropriately in my bedroom..behind my bookcase. i wear dress made by jeans mix it with shirt inside becouse of my bless (thinest-man) and a bit of accesories (scarf and lot of bracelet)

i don't know why i really like legs photography. i wear brown Charles n Keith high heels. and casual dress with a big flowers on it, look like i wanna to go to the beach..misserable think!
ayu patching on the wall. honestly in my backgroud house wall. with Hera's Ray ban sunglasses. took picture by my maid.hahahaha..we don't know what we have to do so we're going crazy again.

vintage ME

Selasa, 09 November 2010

can't wait for my S H O W


Analysis The Effect of Compensation Toward Satisfaction and Performance Production Officer

in PT. Dharma Guna Wibawa Chemicals


The purpose of this study was to analyze officer perception about compensation that company give, to analyze dominant factor of compensation which effecting performance officer, and to give advise to management of compensation . By implementing the stratified technique as the preferred sensus method, eighty officers of PT. Dharma Guna Wibawa Chemicals participated as respondents. The research utilitizes range of criteria and the structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to analyze and compare the theory-based model with the actual condition in PT. DGW Chemicals. The data obtained from the SEM analysis is further processed using the software LISREL (Linear Structural Relationship) 8.7. There are 25 indicators used analysis objects, which can be classified into 15 indicator of compansation constructors, 3 indicator of job satisfaction, and 7 indicator of performance.

The result of this research shows the data collected from PT. DGW Chemicals are consistens with the theories applied. This conclution can be seen in the indices of LISREL’s output, which display the values of certain parameters such as chi-square, leverage degree, probability, and RMSEA. The output also shows that balanced between salary and weight of work have the higher contribution of compensation, job quality has the higher contribution of job satisfaction, and than loyalty has the higher contribution of performance .

Keywords:Compensation, Satisfaction, Performance, Range of Criteria, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)