Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

when everybody get learn

this is a story especially for us to remember what life means
i study for 7 years learn about science stuff, i believe that study can make we more humble and wiser to deal with life (problem also)..i didn't feel that study could waste ur money, when i was in bachelor degree i got a schoolarship each semester then got another for my project thesis also. if somebody said that study could waste the money, i believe that he/she desperately need SCHOOL...school teach us how we talk for others, how we act like a smart-man, and this is most important purpose is school teach us how we take a decision -- lets say stategic decision.
i believe what i choose and what i run is for the best of my life..one lesson that i got from yesterday is "if you were a leader in your organization, take a desicion not only a good for you but for others..don't you think that you have a high position then you repress somebody, there be one way out for solving a problem".
Qualified human resource is one of company assets-->that's theory said...there is a relationship between officer satisfaction with their performance, officer can feel satisfy if they feel secure of anything during work in that company.
is there any effect if the CEO knows officer privacy outside their jobdesk??i thought it wasn't difficult to answer this question..there's a big NO of it!
i learn for 2 years in management of human resources and it make me want to share our HUMANITY problems in this age...i don't wanna be an arrogant-man but study teach me as a wise person

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