Kamis, 11 September 2014

Find my home...

Dear All,

I didn't wrote for a very long time ago, that one momment I wanted to share to you my reader is ..... finally I find my home, means my last trip. Back to Jakarta and getting married with someone I love.
I love my job in remote site, but I can't foolish to my self that I am real woman and I need to build family. So from all big thought behind me, I am ready to run this realistic life :) nor I got promoted and moving to JIS (Jakarta International School) as an Assistant Project Manager - Sodexo.

Wedding ceremony before started

Haikal, my lil brother grow up :)

Self service (no greeter :p)

Mom with her friends Tante Meutia and Tante Egy

View from swimming pool

Buffet is ready, good food & excellent

Fadly & I with Mom's Conoco friends

Thanks god all the guest join in the ceremony

My best friend's perform (Ida Ayu Paramita Sarasvati from Nadafiksi & Sigit from Tigapagi)
Bossa Nova atmosphere 

Fadly & I together with his Aceh's family uwa Mus

Fadly & I together with my best friend Ufi and Riris

My post graduate friends from MB-IPB

Fadly's best friend from IKJ

My auntie....Ete cia & Ete Ita

We couldn't set our destiny to someone we want, then I finally find my true life...he was my best friend in high school until I was in college (UNPAD - Bandung). We still keep in touch even we are in friend relationship. Now after 12 years we've build good relationship as a friend, he propose me to be his wife...Teuku Fadly Muhammad Syah

We married in Hidden Paradise. The venue was very great and so peaceful. This is recommended! :)