Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

someday in Bandung again

Bandung is one of my favorite town in Indonesia after Bali. i've been livin' here for 5 years. Bandung called Paris Van Java is becouse Bandung is fashion town. fashion growth so fast in here,obviously the weather in here is colder than JAKARTA, the place i belong. i rarely went to Bandung after graduating from my bachelor degree. i slept in my friend's house appropriate in Dago Pakar, it was really cold when the night cos it took up on the heels. Bandung is the place where i meet the greatest friends. most of them are from jakarta also. yeah actually i can't match with some of Bandung people. anyway always having fun in there place.
by the way, i wear only a tank top and short-jeans, altough it was cold but i usually felt that air :). i came with usual outfit is only tanktop and short-jeans always.

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DeLiz mengatakan...

Eih Dear! thank you so much for following me!!! I really appreciate your answer on IFB! :)
Nice blog!!!! I follow you back


HiPPiesEthnic mengatakan...

hi lidi...thanx again for the comment :)i really like your blog..nice header lidi..:)


Anonim mengatakan...

Wow! You made me search Bandung with Google Earth! lol

HiPPiesEthnic mengatakan...

thnx for modawalk...u must come to bandung as soon as possible and i will be your nice guide :) lol

The Odd and Chic mengatakan...

What a unique blog!

I'm your newest follower - stop by sometime! :-)



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