Minggu, 23 Desember 2012


Yeay I was finish launching my program at one of village around mining area, called Sagea. How exciting kids in there!!I'm happy brang out WAS in school. are you ever been in that feeling, when you are satisfy for what your performances.

Things that would be easier after lauching then implementing micro-financing, hope so...^^ *double winking
At the beginning was affraid of replacement my "old boss", And my new boss is my silly-billy-boss ever..he could be serious at one time but in another time he could be a wag. Paul James gave me support of anything even counting for costing meals.

Thanks for all Sodexo crew which's gave me support as always <3 font="font">

Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

developing community and maintaining local wisdom

This is what people around mining area needs. they needs to come forward as a community in central of Halmahera. this isn't about my job desk but this is could make our responsibility for. These program called Warung Anak Sehat (WAS). It has been implemented by Danone in Jakarta. Micro-financing, how I could teach them to be entrepreneur especially for making mothers more independent. Obstacles comes and go as trying running it. 

Learning characteristic local people are. Hopefully for 1 year to built their independent. Let's say I've just hoping. At least sustainability program be the main objective. I'll prove it with searching data from Health Department. Is have any impact for children which's buy snack from WAS or impact for their income.