Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

before sidkom

yesterday is my biggest day...finally finishing my sidkom (like 2nd master exam :D)...i went to campus at 7.15 am..yup waiting my friend (kanya's sms) but my f^^^ck'n blackberry didn't receive anything..so i was LATE ONE!ooo my god..beside that i need to came to my lecturer's home at 9 am!yeah.......i was pale like a corpse waiting until the time gonna EAT me (appropriate at 3 pm). but before i go, i took one shoot photo of me :) (it is so me)...then what happen after the SIDKOM????i try to be silent...........finally i got a ticket for my final seminar at the time can't be determine.hahahaha...at least i finish this step. thanx lord for all bless you gave to me. btw, i wear formal suit,,but i like vintage style also, soi put the old scraf in my neck..lovely with black and gray suit.

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Sabrina O. mengatakan...

lovely glasses!!

HiPPiesEthnic mengatakan...

thanx sabrina...it is Yves Saint Laurent :)

Sabrina O. mengatakan...

It's so beautiful!
Thanks for your lovely comment sweetheart!!


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