Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

human nature

what human purpose in life?is it difficult to answer??...hmm nope.First, they wanna fulfill their life with a good way. life is all about money, money is all about for life. they wanna secure their life with best job they have. in a high position of the organization. that's could fulfill their desire of making much money. second, they wanna make family with marriage. find the right person in the right time. then have a child, happily ever after till death.
i choose the second purpose for to be share. marriage. some people are difficult to say it but others easy to say it. i think i'm the difficult person to describe what marriage it is. marriage is a new step ahead to a new problems. how can 2 person living together forever. indeed god write it in our believes. but my logic say it's not easy unifying all differences between 2 person. maturity mind can solve it. sharing life with somebody needs understanding each other.
if you are ready for that then take it the risk. find the right-man in the right-time. don't waste your time spending with a wrong person. right-man is the one who accept you in a good and bad. GOOD LUCK TO FIND THE RIGHT-MAN...all my readers!!always pray the best for all of you guys...

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