Senin, 19 Juli 2010

Kanya and Khrisna Wedding

On July 11st 2010 Kanya and Khrisna was married...Kanya is my best friend when i was in Bogor had study my magister degree. we livin near, and we always have a good time of laugh and catch! i thought she is my partner single ever but she leave me rude i am!!tthought that i had a partner single forever...then dont wanna get married before i found my soulmate!the question is where can i find my soulmate altough the priority in life that i built is jst only study and work! guys is always makin me SUCK..they all disaster for me.

kanya's wedding is very beautifull sacral wedding i ever seen. she was beautifull like an angel!ops,,i think its too much to describe but actually she was great in her wedding dress...the good and best must be the cuisine!yippie....i ate 8 kinds of like i wanna throw up but thats a pitty for me if i couldnt handle my stomach! then met an old friends getting crazy much time lost for about the "disaster person" and laughing together..surely have a smoke together before prepared the ceremony.
i jst wanna say to Kanya and Khrisna...Have a good life and thanks a lot u broke my heart!!!*CHEERS*

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