Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Stupido Ritmo

July 21st 2010, went to Bogor...hoping had a greatefull day with friends. but it was not hoping only, the reality said..."keep on ROCK baby...." destroy everything...
arrived in Bogor at 11 am and open my laptop immediately, gave report to Miguel that "now im in the university",then he said OMG where are you?are you in jungle class??.....hahaha i laugh until i cry..thats my campus fully of plant!
the point is we had some fun in KARAOKE..together with Kanya, Usi, Rike, and Iwan!altough it was jst 1 hour but we had fun..especially Iwan : wow his voice like a disaster for my ear!lol..he had no sense of pitch.

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