Rabu, 24 November 2010


Apache Bar

wanna join for a cheers

i was in Bali for vacation. i never step my legs in Bali. i was there for a week. i went with my mom n little brother. i couldn't imagine what our plan for having fun in Bali. but my mom's friend as a guide for us drove to a few beautifull place outside the city. we went to Karang Asem (i heard they have a greatest arrack from Bali) -->saw my spoil face with a drool. after Karang Asem, we went to Amed. yes beatifull Amed..since we stay in Bali we slept at cheap bungalows. then spent our final vacation at KUTA, LEGIAN...yayyy!!im so excited, i left my mom n my lil brother at dewisri hotel (http://dewisrihotel.com/). i met my old friend whose live in Bali, and i stay for one night in her boarding house. her name is Siti, she's work in Bali since 1 year ago.

Rockin'Rolla at Sky Garden, Bali
on saturday night, she's inviting me to go to her friend's boutique in Legian also, her friend's name is Eka. then Eka bring her australian friend named greamy.he's nice funny fat man but i'd like to talk with him.for spending saturday night finally we stay at apache bar.watching live music especially rock music with bottle of beer.yeah we rock for that night. when the music was finish we move to sky garden. sky garden is like new disco place in Legian Street. music makes me crazy to dance.craziness :).i call another friend to met up..Tanausu my spanish friend, livin in bali as a scuba teacher...we were there till get laid..omg 5 am..f^^^k'n nuts we are!! then realize that i drank 10 bottles of beer.HALELUJAH..!!!

beatifull AMED, Bali

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interesting blog

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thanks astrid....:)

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beautiful pic! : )

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