Senin, 22 November 2010

that's took when 40's day my great grandmother died. my outfit more ethnic. i really like this style.i had this stuff for a long time ago.this is the real Indonesian woman.then editing with a few touch of old theme.
ied mubarak day on 2010 coming up. appropriately in my bedroom..behind my bookcase. i wear dress made by jeans mix it with shirt inside becouse of my bless (thinest-man) and a bit of accesories (scarf and lot of bracelet)

i don't know why i really like legs photography. i wear brown Charles n Keith high heels. and casual dress with a big flowers on it, look like i wanna to go to the beach..misserable think!
ayu patching on the wall. honestly in my backgroud house wall. with Hera's Ray ban sunglasses. took picture by my maid.hahahaha..we don't know what we have to do so we're going crazy again.

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