Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

1 year didn't meet

on August 7th 2010, it was saturday nite at Pondok Indah Mall!finally i met the OLD FRIENDS..."time for Maharani crew" : Me, Kade, Diaz, Ayyi, and Nita....except CITRA..(huhuhuhu we were sad she didn't come to jakarta yet!ahhh liar :p) and include the extra crew are Kodok, Yudha, Ijoel, and Amel.

Diaz and Kade came first at Sushi Groove, then Nita and I nice food cos i like SUSHI!!yummy...after that we went to Solaria ate again cos i ate like a DEVIL...i told to everybody!

yup time showed 8.30 pm, Diaz already booked HAPPY SONG KARAOKE...
first song : KEONG RACUN...oh my god it would killin' me but we did crazy with that song!....that's a Diaz BIATCH that night!really i'm so happy....until now but yeah we sad for CITRA the liar and lazy sick galz one!i thought she would come by plane..

We BRAKE the room with our VOICE..happy song karaoke is coolest place for karaoke but with expensive charge obviously. for an hour we spent 100.000 IDR (after discount) wow then we spent for 2 hour.Glad cos Diaz treat us by paid the room!thanks Diaz..for the late birthday

we went home at 11.30 pm..fiuhhh tired but felt HAPPY!another day i will be organize again for reunion party like those!CITRA must come in too, if NOT she will DIE soon with my hand..hahaha (peace cit!)

we have been livin' for FIVE years in BANDUNG............and we feel like a SISTER...if i could turn back the time i want my past time with them..livin together in one house, getting crazy together, have a good and bad times together...I LOVE U GUYS maharani!!!

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